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Who's your friend in the garden? Companion Planting

We all love having good companions - trees & plants are no exception! Good companions should enhance each other's growth or provide protection in some way. Companion planting creates a greater biodiversity which encourages beneficial insects into the garden, thereby reducing harmful ones.

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Magical Winter Wonderland

IN COOLER parts of the world, winter is cold, bleak and pretty dull, but in South East Queensland gardens offer a stark contrast.

Redcliffe Garden Centre is bursting with colour, as winter wonders take centre stage.

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Fairy Wonderlands

Have you ever wanted to create your own little garden wonderland filled with tiny houses, gnomes, fairies and accessories? We have an entire 'Fairy Garden Section' filled to the brim with whimsical characters to add a touch of fantasy to a pot or garden plot.

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Garden Mulches

Any experienced gardener will not turn their back on their garden until they have mulched, mulched and used more mulch. They love it – almost to an obsessional point. But it is one of the most effective and efficient products to make your life easier and your garden to have an improved ability to thrive with minimal intervention.

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What to do in the garden after floods

After an excessive amount of rain this year, gardens and lawns are feeling just as water-logged as we are and it’s showing with yellowing leaves, fungal issues and other signs of distress.

We have some tips on what to do to help your garden and lawn recover.

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