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Fairy Wonderlands

Have you ever wanted to create your own little garden wonderland filled with tiny houses, gnomes, fairies and accessories? We have an entire 'Fairy Garden Section' filled to the brim with whimsical characters to add a touch of fantasy to a pot or garden plot.

Not just for the young, the young at heart have also embraced the fairy phenomenon, creating sensational gardens of all shapes and sizes. From terrarium gardens to magical wonderlands with solar lighting and tree houses, there's something for everyone... all it takes is a little imagination. 


Our range includes the following...

- fairy houses & businesses (many with solar panels for night lighting)

- fairy characters - male & female, pirates & mermaids, gumnut babies

- gnomes & elves

- fairy sized gravel & pavers

- garden accessories, bridges, paths, swings, ponds, plants, home decor

- animals - frogs, Australian wildlife, birds & many more

- seasonal characters for special occasions & Christmas

Come in and explore our wonderland and you'll see why so many people have embraced the fun of fairies.


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