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Fairy Wonderlands

Looking around the Redcliffe Garden Centre there are many fairy houses, businesses, accessories and fairies, with an abundance of imagination and complexity embedded in each piece. So much thought has gone into even the smallest details that set each one apart from the ordinary.

No longer a shock for my husband or employees, pallets of fairy items arrive on a pretty regular basis. Initially everyone was concerned, but now look forward to unpacking each piece and marveling at the imagination and expertise. These days, they ask me to order more – there is no concern that I will get carried away, just a knowing that they will all sell and pretty quickly.

If you have not been caught in the fairy epidemic, then there is a good chance that you will eventually succumb to owning the odd fairy or two, plus some of their accessories. There appears to be an urgency to acquire wonderful pieces, to the point that we have a list of people to phone when new fairy items arrive and we post pictures on Facebook. We are very discerning, selecting items that have a quality finish and affordability.

It is so easy to bring fairies and their accessories into your home – all you need is some imagination. We stock many homes and businesses with solar lighting ensuring you can enjoy them day or night and they are utilized indoors or outdoors on their own or in complete communities and villages. Feedback is that they become magical at night, especially when on mass.

Fairy gardens can look wonderful when made up into a flat bowl, broken terracotta pot or literally anything in your home and garden. An old stump is tremendous as a pedestal or used as part of the fairy garden / structures. All you need is some imagination.

Initially I assumed that our fairy accessories would be targeted at children, but I quickly realized that parents and grandparents are major purchasers of these items, not just for their families, but also for themselves. A common comment is regarding the importance of inspiration and encouragement for children to use their imagination. However, I also believe the adults also delight in viewing their creations.

If you would like to dip your toes into the fairy wonderland or are an experienced fairy fancier, then you will find everything you need at the Redcliffe Garden Centre to inspire and create your fairy fantasies. Please ask us – we love to assist you on your fairy journey.


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