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Garden décor

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Garden Décor


Statues & Garden Art – Hand carved ‘one of a kind’ stone pieces, quirky pre-rusted miniature windmills, colourful wind-spinners and resin characters all play a part in the various types of gardens around, so our assortment of décor for the garden is just as varied. We continue to source Buddhas, Ganesha, Quan Yin and other specialty sculptures from overseas when available and quirky character filled, locally made art as well. Take a wander through the nursery to see what’s available in a style to suit your home.


Water features -  Available in a variety of styles and sizes, water features play an important role in todays gardens. A simple water bowl for the frogs or birds can be as pleasing as a large stone bubbling vessel. We offer birdbaths, bowls, water ponds, water features and pumps to suit most size gardens and if required can arrange delivery and installation.