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Waterwise Gardening and Watering Systems


On a regular basis, we are asked for advice for effective watering of gardens. We have everything you need to water, whether you need strong watering cans, sprinkler systems, hand wands etc. We have a good selection for all of your needs.

We also offer a water system installation service. Please ask us for a quote for your garden’s needs.

One positive aspect of the drought Brisbane went through several years ago was the knowledge that our gardens bounced back with very few deaths. In fact most gardeners realized that their plants were actually pretty healthy and tougher than they had anticipated.

Plants are trained to be thirsty or drought resistant – we can treat them either way. Care needs to be taken when toughening up our plants, but they respond pretty quickly so as long as they are monitored, success will occur. We can offer advice on how to achieve a more waterwise garden.

Another aspect of waterwise gardening is the preparation of your soil, water crystals mixed through the soil (for normal to heavier water users), composting and mulches. It is actually very easy to provide even the thirstiest plants with an environment where they will thrive with very little assistance from you. Please ask us for advice on how to waterwise your garden and minimize your own energy to keep it that way.

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