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Pest & Disease Control

At some point every gardener will be faced with an unwanted pest or disease making itself home in their garden. Whatever pest or disease takes hold, we have the tips, techniques and products that can assist you to overcome and eradicate the problem.

We take a different tact than many other garden centres and box stores. We don’t sell you different products for your problems, we first ask you what you have already got at home and try to work with those products. If they are not suitable, then we recommend a product which will be successful. We have the belief that there are many products sitting in garden sheds slowly deteriorating in their usefulness. Lets use your own products first and reduce the number of products you have stored away.
Pest and Disease Control
Often a product will offer a number of uses – we try to give you these types of products as much as is possible, again reducing multiple same use products.
Many pests will have a 10 day incubation period, so it’s beneficial to spray them in 3 x 10 day intervals to eradicate larvae that may be about to hatch.


Another very common trait that many of us do is adding an extra dash of the product to their sprayer for a quicker reaction. This practice can in fact cause the opposite as in killing unwanted weeds in grass. If the selective weed spray is stronger or weaker than the recommended dose, leaves recognize the poison, sacrifice themselves and warn the roots to produce more.

Please ask us about any pest or disease (or prevention of same) – we are very happy to offer advice and assistance. If you bring in a sample, please contain bugs in glass bottles or containers and plant matter in sealed zip lock bags – that way we can prevent the spread of disease in our nursery.

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