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Ross and Gena began importing stone and casting statues and water features in 2004.  At that stage we wanted to purchase from an incredible Master Carver but after his having bad experiences with Australian importers, he refused to deal with Australia.  We loved his work and spent quite a while with him as he explained and showed us the high expectation of quality that we should be looking out for.  He raised the bar from what we had seen in other areas of Bali.  By the end of our time with him, he surprised us be stating that he would be honoured to work with us.   

He gave us three rules, that have honoured through for all these years: 

Rule 1 – We are never to persuade a customer to purchase one statue over another as he explained that the Universe has already chosen the customer when the statue was being carved. 

Rule 2 – We have to display the statues with respect and ensure that the customer is going to do the same (we have refused to sell a customer a Buddha that was destined to go into their toilet). 

Rule 3 – We have to make our statues affordable so that everyone has a chance to purchase them – we provide laybys and try to keep our prices as low as is possible. 

With these rules firmly in our minds, we began a relationship that has continued ever since.  

Ross and Gena have a different outlook to many importers – we do not haggle or beat a carver down to get a good deal.  We approach each carver with respect and calmness, finding beautiful pieces that we love.  By doing this, our vendors offer us prices that are often lower than we expect.  We thoroughly enjoy working with our vendors, they welcome us with friendship and at the end of each meeting, we are all happy with the process and  beautiful items have been secured.  We value our vendors and they appreciate our honesty and friendliness – everything is above board and we don’t receive any ‘nasty’ surprises when our goods arrive.

Over the years, we have found amazing statues and water features.  Even though we specialise in Buddhas (including Happy Buddha and Thai style Buddhas), we usually have a good selection of Ganesha, Quan Yin plus many more special statues.  We have a reputation for quality and also quirky statues that are never seen elsewhere.  Due to our searching off the beaten path, we find many absolutely ‘one of a kind’ statues – these pieces are incredibly special and attract much attention.

As we are importers and also wholesale to Garden Centres, our own customers benefit from the amount of stock continually arriving from Bali.  We prefer to purchase our statues and water features from Bali as we see their work conditions – the carvers are happy, singing much of the day.  Our items are not manufactured in ‘sweat shops’ or by underage employees.  When you visit us, our quality and variety jumps out in comparison to the mass produced sweat shop items that we see coming into Australia from other areas in Indonesia.

Bali is like our second home, we value and respect the Balinese people and thoroughly enjoy being able to bring their beautiful sculptures and water features over to Australia.   When you visit us, we are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised as ‘we are not your usual Garden Centre’.