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Soil Testing

“It is more important to have a healthy soil than a healthy new plant to be planted into it”. We offer free soil testing to check the Acid / Alkaline balance within your soil. It is so important for any plant to survive that they are living in a soil that is compatible with their needs.

Usually we are seeking a Neutral PH which is what most of the plant world likes to live in. However, there are a group of plants such as Camellias, Azaleas, Gardenias, Blueberries, Conifers, Rhododendrons that will thrive when their soil is more acidic. They don’t do well when fed with a PH sweetening fertilizer and love their own special acidic fertilizer.

A healthy rich in compost will provide even the weakest plant with the best start in life, however a soil that has the incorrect PH will quickly turn into a nightmare for the healthiest plant.

To test your soil’s PH, we only need a couple of teaspoons of soil (preferably from a few centimeters below the ground level so that they are not tainted with older fertilizer. We then perform a free PH Soil test and will give you the answers immediately.

When a plant is not doing well, it is often the soil that is to blame. Our free PH Soil testing service has been known to save our customers much money and time lost in trying to grow plants in an inhospitable area. You can also purchase your own kit and test various areas of your yard at any time.


If you have a few areas that you are concerned about, then please do bring in some samples from those areas too.

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