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How to build a Terrarium

What is the mystery of building and creating your own Terrarium? A very good friend of mine built a business around terrariums over 30 years ago – it lasted several years and then he found other adventures. He is constantly amazed at the wonder and creativeness of terrariums being made today.

You can be very creative in choosing either glass or plastic containers for terrariums. Anything from apothecary jars to antique glasses or fish bowls make excellent vessels.

You will need the following:

  1. Plants to make the terrarium aesthetically pleasing using a variety of leaf shapes and colours.

  2. Potting mix – ensure that the mix can go indoors as some mixes are not suitable.

  3. Activated Charcoal.

  4. Sphagnum Moss.

  5. Small stones.

  6. Ornaments if desired.

It’s easier if we break the next part into 5 steps:

Step 1: Place approximately 2 cm of small stones on the base of the container.

Step 2: Add about 1 cm of activated charcoal over the stone base to keep the water cleaner.

Step 3: Add a thin layer of Sphagnum Moss on the top to keep the soil from settling.

Step 4: Add up to 8 cm of potting mix on the top.

Step 5: Plant the plants and add ornaments if wanted. If you use succulents and cactus (dryer plants) then use more sand in the mixture whereas ferns will be thoroughly happy with a moister soil.

Step 6: Water gently and ENJOY your creation.


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